Sell Your Broken Car in Portland For Cash

If you have suddenly realized that your vehicle is junk, you may think it’s about time to get it repaired. Actually, another option is to take it to a cash for junk cars Portland company. With a cash for junk cars Portland company you can get paid for your vehicle and you can use this money to get something else better to use to get around Portland Oregon.

Broken Car? Get Paid With Cash For Junk Cars Portland

If your vehicle is broken, and it needs a new engine, in those cases it is better to spend your money getting something new rather than spending it on repairing a broken car. You can sell your vehicle to cash for cars Portland and get a pretty penny for it. You can use this as a down payment or in some cases possibly buy a new used car that is more reliable than what you currently have. For example, if you have an old Ford escort and it needs a new engine you could be looking at around $1000 just for the new engine. You also have to consider that if your vehicle is older, some of the other parts may be worn as well such as the water pump or tires. The car itself is not really even worth that much so if you fixed it up, then you will not even have that much in value for the car.The car could maybe fetch around $800 on a good day.

cash for cars in portland oregon

The better option instead of shelling out cash to a car repair shop, is to take your vehicle to our cash for cars Portland company and have us pay you for it. We can also tell your vehicle for free if we buy it from you. This means you don’t even have to worry about how to get the car to us. We will come to you. We will give you cash for it right away and you can use that money immediately to go acquire a newer vehicle or at least something that will serve you better.

You can easily find out how much your car is worth even before we come out to you pick up the car and give you the money. We can tell you exactly how much it is worth just by you answering a few short questions about the vehicle and it’s condition. We will need to know if you things such as what model the car is, if it is been in any racks, or if it is had fire damage. After we have this information, we can formulate a really accurate quote for the car without even looking at it. You won’t even need to go vacuum out the car to make it look attractive to us. You will know exactly how much you’ll be getting before we even show up.

For more information about how you can get paid for your car, visit us online at or give us a call 503-283-3095.

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