Cash For Cars Portland – We Buy Damaged Vehicles

Did you know that if you have a damaged car, you can get paid for it? There is a cash for cars Portland company that wants to buy your car for cash in Portland, Oregon

Cash For Cars Portland Company Buys Wrecked Cars

If your vehicle has been wrecked, it is time to get rid of it so you can keep you and your family safe. A vehicle with broken glass or a gas leak shouldn’t be around your property and should be disposed of properly. This sounds like a recipe for a big lawsuit if someone gets hurt.

Lawsuits Aren’t Fun Sell Your Junk Car For Cash

Getting a lawsuit because you keep an old, wrecked vehicle around is not fun. You will probably end up having to pay much more than the car is even worth – especially if the vehicle has a weak frame. One of the big reasons many cars are able to resemble something of a vehicle after a crash is a frame in good condition. Without a good frame, you are taking a very big risk if you drive a damaged car. Driving a motor vehicle with a bent frame simply isn’t worth it. You also must notify the state of Oregon if an accident has over $1500 in damage. It is important to check the frame if you think an accident is minor because it may have been more major than you realize.


Cash For Cars Portland Will Save You From Injuries

You might have to pay much more in insurance every month if you take the risk. Not to mention someone could be seriously injured. Contact a cash for cars Portland company immediately to have the vehicle taken off your hands and keep your family safe if you suspect the frame is damaged. Unfortunately, car accidents are not all that uncommon in Oregon and it just isn’t worth the risk. In 2010, there were over 44,000 accidents.

Get Your Junk Car Removed Quickly

Not only will you be saving yourself from a potential injury, you’ll get paid in cash for the vehicle which can be used as a down payment for a safer car. This is the best way to get rid of your damaged car and to ensure that you aren’t passing on a safety problem to someone else. We recycle vehicles so you know that the car will be properly taken care of. Your car will no longer be on the road and we also will tow it away from your property for free. Call Tony’s Auto Removal for excellent cash for cars Portland service at 503-836-3523.

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