Portland Cash for Junk Cars- Cash in on your Junk Car

A junk car in Portland sitting in your garage is nothing but an eye sore. After all who wants to have a cluttered space when you could use it for your new car? Some people even place their junk cars in the yard. When asked why there’s an old car lying about, they say there aren’t any takers for this piece of junk.

What if we tell you that we not only tow off your junk car for free but also let you cash in on it? Sounds pretty good! Well than why shouldn’t you make use of this opportunity this holiday season and earn some fast bucks for an old car.


Cash for Cars Portland Pays the most for your Cars

If you have a vehicle which is up and running and you want to sell it off for the most cash, cash for cars Portland can help you.

We believe in paying the exact worth for your car. So if it’s in running condition we pay you accordingly. We are proud to say that we have legions of satisfied customers who will assure you that we pay top dollar for an old car.

Don’t believe us? Check out a few testimonials on our websites.

We Tow your junk car for Free

Now you don’t have to lug around your old car from one dealer to another, just call us at the given number and we will send in one of our professionals. They will do a detailed assessment of the car and come up with a quote. If you approve we carry it off for free and even offer you some good cash for it.

Immediate Payment

If you are completely strapped for cash, selling of an old junk could help you earn a few hundred dollars. Of course the amount you would get depends on the car and its present condition. Cars which can be used fetch a higher price.

We buy Cars which have been in Fire Hazard or Accidents

You think your car is completely useless? Are you wondering if anyone could help you get rid of it for free? Don’t worry, we will help you get some cash for cars like these as well.

After all cash for cars Portland has been in business for quite a number of years. So be smart and earn some cash this holiday season by selling of your old car to us!



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