Portland Junk Removal Made Easy

Too much junk accumulated in your backyard? Just moved and wondering what to do with all the extra junk lying around the house? Time for an office clean up? Portland junk removal is now as easy as ABC, contact a Portland junk removal company to help you get rid of all the garbage from your homes and offices at Junk Removal Northwest.

Portland Junk Removal Services

  • At Portland junk removal services we offer you fast and easy solutions.
  • Rates which are comparatively lower than other junk removal services.
  • Prompt and fast action, no need to wait around for days. All you need to do is give us a call and we will send in our friendly and professional staff to assist you.
  • No breach of privacy. Our staff is fully trained to carry out all sort of junk removal services without you having to worry about your breach of privacy.
  • Proper vehicles to carry out any sort of junk no matter what the size. This way you are sure that you get rid of all your garbage in one go only. No need to pay for the extra mileage either.
  • Responsible way of getting rid of junk. We are doing our bit for the environment, its time you do yours as well.


Services Offered

The following are some of the services offered by our Portland junk removal service

  • Removing junk from office spaces which may include debilitated computer equipment, old files and dry garbage
  • Removing junk from the yard, if that includes hazardous material like chemicals we make sure that those are disposed off in the most reliable manner possible. You won’t believe your eyes once our pros are done with your yard.
  • Junk removal from homes which may include old mattresses, bathroom equipment like out of order bathtubs and Jacuzzis.
  • Garage clean outs so there is more space for your car with all the junk out of your way.


Contact Us

Contacting us is really simple. Simply place a call or ill our online form. As soon as we receive info we will send one of our team members to assess the amount of junk which needs to be disposed off. After receiving a free quote from our pro you can decide to send off your junk with us. We assure you that you can get rid of your junk on the very day you want us to. No false promises and no long waits!

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