Our Portland Junk Yard Wants Your Car

Regardless of sort of car you have, our Portland junk yard would like to purchase it. We’ll take whatever type of vehicle you have to sell from your junk car to your nice, working truck. We’ll always pay you in cash, . We’ve got a tow driver around to visit your home, pay you the funds, and pick-up your car, truck, van or SUV to take to our Portland junk yard. It is actually as easy as that. Do not know what you should expect? We will go through all the simple steps of this complete process right here so that you will know the way pretty much everything will work. It is extremely easy to do AND it requires way less time then promoting your car via the internet or anywhere else.

Portland Junk Yard
Portland Junk Yard Pick Up


Call Our Portland Junk Yard

The first step is always to contact us. It is possible to get to us by telephone or you can always request a quote on our website. By using the contact form online, there exists a couple of segments that will need to be completed. We’ll want to know if your auto tires are in tact, exactly what the model and make of the automobile is, and if there has been any fire or water damage and mold. The answers to these concerns will let us supply you with a estimate for the car after which you’ll know what you can anticipate.

Another part is to find a time that works for you to pick your vehicle up. You can have a look at your calendar and inform us what time work. We’ll come by then and pick the vehicle up and pay you funds. No need to try and spend time trying to figure out how to get the car to us. Also, no reason to wait around while other people get your automobile checked out by a auto mechanic. We don’t require your car or truck to operate once we purchase it. Towing is totally free so you won’t have to pay us in any way for people like us to retrieve the vehicle once we purchase it.

We Will Pick Your Car Up And Take it To Our Portland Junk Yard

After we come by we’ll have a very few paperwork for you to sign in so we can assume possession of your vehicle and take it to our Portland junk yard. Then you’ll have the cash so we will load up the auto on our tow truck. Our tow truck drivers are incredibly skilled and prepared to travel right away to your property or whereever your car or truck is left to pick it up. Visit us straight away to earn money from your vehicle.

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